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Coastside Pediatric Therapy Center was born in 1997 when two clinicians met through their four-year-olds. They envisioned a children’s clinic on the Coastside that could meet many of the community’s needs. CPTC is an association of occupational therapists and speech language/learning therapists. The two disciplines joined to serve the "whole" child and their families.


I am particularly impressed by your work with cerebral palsy and the more recently recognized sensory-integrative disorder. I applaud your efforts and recommend your services for children with various neurological handicaps.

Dr. Philip Sankar,

Pediatric Neurologist

Our daughter has greatly improved at home and at school since coming for therapy. Her therapists really worked together to figure out a team plan for her.

Parent of Client

The therapists' diagnostic assessments and cutting edge co-treatment model unlocked our son's potential. In addition, their keen sense and parental understanding continues to help our son progress in school.

Gerard & Bianca Zelnik



Occupational Therapy

Maureen Barton, OTR/L 


Speech-Language/Learning & Reading Services

Claire Norton, MS, CCC, SLP


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