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"This practice is family centered which means parents, siblings, extended family, and even caregivers learn how to work with their children to improve communication skills and motor planning."

"Claire literally taught him to talk -  using a combination of tactile prompts, verbal cues, mirrors, mouth posturing and much more. She also continued to work on his pragmatic and social skills, and supported us with ongoing parent education."

Dan N., Los Angeles

"[Claire's] work on our children's social language skills made it possible for both kids to eventually mainstream into general education classrooms."

"Through her many teaching techniques, [Maureen] helped [my son] accept textures, eat a wider variety of foods, speak, write, walk, jump, and so many other key skills."

Julie S., Half Moon Bay

"It is great to see my son succeeding. Both [Maureen and Claire] work together for the well being of the WHOLE child."

Shawn A., Half Moon Bay

Jodi M., Portland

Steven E., Half Moon Bay

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