"Half Moon Bay is incredibly lucky to have CPTC. I have seen children receive speech, language, and occupational therapy in many different settings over the last 10 years, including small groups in pre-K and elementary schools. The individualized one-on-one therapy sessions at CPTC are tailored to each child's specific needs and what motivates him/her. Therapists make learning fun and break down difficult tasks so that children are able to reach their highest potential. This practice is family centered which means parents, siblings, extended family, and even caregivers learn how to work with their children to improve communication skills and motor planning. The research based speech, language, and occupational therapy techniques used by the therapists here have changed the lives of many hard working children. 

I have been amazed at what a family based center like this offers to the community. The children at CPTC have made far more progress in much less time than I have ever observed in a school based program. The high level of support, family education, and natural/play based therapy has helped babies, toddlers, children, and even teenagers who attend therapy at CPTC. Claire and Maureen are both seasoned experts in their fields. I am very impressed by both women and their willingness to share their knowledge with student interns and new clinicians. This center does not only teach children- they also encourage new professionals to become the best they possibly can. I think it's wonderful that they have contracted with Kaiser Permanente, allowing for even more children to access their wonderful OT and SLP therapy programs."

- Dan N., Los Angeles

"I can't say enough wonderful things about the therapists who own Coastside Pediatric Therapy Center.. but I will give it my best shot here! We have been getting language and OT services for our children at this therapy center for several years now. Our sons (8 and 10 years old now) were struggling with a number of issues ranging from very limited language skills to problems related to sensory integration disorder. Claire Norton (speech and language therapist) provided wonderful language therapy and educated our family on how to communicate better with our children. She knows so much about autism spectrum disorder and we have learned a lot from Claire. Her work on our children's social language skills made it possible for both kids to eventually mainstream into general education classrooms. Our sons began communicating with our family and their peers so much more- making eye contact and taking turns, laughing with friends.. wonderful changes for a parent to experience. Both Maureen (occupational therapist) and Claire literally taught our children how to play with others. Now, instead of just playing next to other children, they are able to take part in games and reciprocal conversation at school! This was very exciting for us to see as parents and we are forever grateful that they've had wonderful play experiences in the clinic. They're always talking about new toys and games they enjoy with Claire- play doh, painting, board games, dress up, pretending to be jungle animals.. I could go on forever. Claire is also helping the boys learn how to read as this was a struggle for both of them. She used an amazing program through Lindamood-Bell that we love. Both boys have benefited so much from the Lips and Visualizing/Verbalizing programs- wow, their comprehension and reading abilities have soared!!

Maureen Barton's work with our family has been incredible as well! She came up with so many strategies to help the boys feel more comfortable within their own bodies. We had never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder until Maureen educated us with some handouts and suggestions for things we could do at home. Maureen has become a real expert in this subject and even trained specially this summer at a clinic in the midwest. (Our kids had a great time working with Isaac as a substitute while Maureen was away!) Before Maureen's help my one son had a lot of difficulty wearing clothes- he found everything to be incredibly uncomfortable/itchy. My other son had a lot of difficulty with the textures of various foods but with feeding therapy and a lot of family education Maureen really made a difference in his life. Both of our sons now accept kisses/hugs and also happily return them. They are still sensitive to certain noises and we now know how to deal with this, rather than just becoming upset or feeling helpless. Our sons love hanging out in Maureen's motor gym- swinging, jumping on the trampoline, climbing the rock wall, laying in the foam pit, and building obstacle courses. She also helped them so much with their handwriting. The differences are so vast and their skills have improved so much. We are very thankful to have Coastside Pediatric Therapy Center in town."

 - Steven E., Half Moon Bay

"My son, now 11, began visiting Maureen at Coastside Pediatric Therapy Center when he was 18 months.  As a severe preemie with developmental delays, he has had a myriad of issues, including muscle tone, balance, motion and strength problems, which delayed movement and walking.  He has also had focus and concentration problems, speech delay, motor planning, and tactile issues. When he was very little, he couldn't stand the feel of grass beneath his feet.  He cried in the car every time we slowed down, or stopped at a light because it threw his balance off. 

Maureen has helped him learn how to deal with the every day challenges of life.  Through her many teaching techniques, she helped him accept textures, eat a wider variety of foods, speak, write, walk, jump, and so many other key skills.  And now he has learned how to read and write.  He absolutely adores going to see her and enjoys every minute, as she knows just how to blend fun with learning experiences. But in addition to teaching him, she has taught us as parents.  She is always exploring new approaches, ideas, and alternatives to his challenges, and helping us try new tactics at home along the way.  Being the parent of a special needs child is so challenging and often confusing, and the standard guidelines and reading sources about raising a child just don't apply.  She has been our best coach throughout our son's life, and we couldn't do without her.  The entire staff is highly trained, knowledgeable and welcoming.  I recommend their services, very highly."

 - Julie S., Half Moon Bay

"My son who is now 9 has been going to see Clair Norton for almost 2 years. He is now seeing the OT there, her name is Maureen Barton. I can't give them enough thanks. Before going to Coastside Pediatric Therapy Center I knew there was a problem, I just didn't know what. The school tested my son and told me "He is fine."  But I knew he was not fine. He would tell me that letters dance, he would cry and refuse to go to school I knew there was something that they were missing. After a lot of research I found myself at the Center. Claire tested him and finally gave us the piece of the missing puzzle. He was Dyslexic. She used the Lindamood-Bell program with him. Soon I found him starting to read, he couldn't WAIT to see Claire. She is so fantastic! You can tell she really cares for the children. Always helpful, going out of her way, my son was finally getting the tools he needed for school. Then we started seeing Maureen who has helped him with his handwriting along with many other thingS.  It is great to see my son succeeding.  Both ladies work together for the well being of the WHOLE child."

- Shawn A., Half Moon Bay

"I am the mother of an 8 year old boy on the Autism Spectrum. My son received speech and learning services from Claire Norton at CPTC for almost five years. When he was 3, he was non-verbal. Claire literally taught him to talk -  using a combination of tactile prompts, verbal cues, mirrors, mouth posturing and much more. She also continued to work on his pragmatic and social skills, and supported us with ongoing parent education. My son is now doing very well in a mainstream 3rd grade classroom and has no real speech articulation deficits. We continue to work on overall communication and social skills, and we only stopped seeing Claire because we moved away. But I can't imagine where our family would be without Claire. She is a very skilled, positive, energetic and enthusiastic therapist and is able to see and connect with the light in every child. Claire meets the child where they are at, using a playful floor-time style approach and finding what motivates their learning. I have observed her with other children who seem hard to reach, but she has a way of connecting with them.  Over the years, we have had help from many, many therapists for speech, OT, ABA, etc.  We are grateful for them all, but Claire really stands out and has made a huge positive impact on the life of my son and my family. I highly recommend her services!" 

- Jodi M., Portland

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