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We provide diagnostic and treatment services for children with known or suspected speech and/or developmental problems. Our goal is to help children reach their maximum potential in their academic and home environment. Children are seen for services from birth to twenty-on years of age. Children served may demonstrate speech or language delays, feeding problems, motor planning and motor development problems, hyperactivity, as well as diagnosis of autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and prematurity.

We place special emphasis on parent education and training in addition to co-treatment.


Occupational Therapy

Clinic-based and client-centered pediatric occupational therapy services. Therapy programs focused on remediating difficulties in problem areas.

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Speech-Language & Learning Services

Unique and individualized therapy programs to meet the child's own needs. With focuses on articulation, fluency, oral motor, pre-speech skills, language/learning skills, and auditory processing skills



Intensive two-to-one therapy where both the occupational and speech therapists treat the child.

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